Ask Luckey: Kaos (Enrique Cruz)

Dear Luckey,

Just stumbled upon an old video online of Enrique Cruz (I say “old” but the 90s seemed like yesterday to me, lol)… I was wondering, whatever happened to Kaos?



Dear Dre,

I answered this question before on The Star Report but can’t find the post or the video to save my life…LOL! Kaos was definitely one of EC breakout stars at that time. He was the epitome of “rough trade”. I used to be SO annoyed by his freestyle raps in his films but honestly, it’s what made him so memorable even to this day.

One of his former clients/sugar daddy described him as sweet and very personable but very much ‘trade’. He identifies as straight so you don’t expect any kissing or reciprocation. He was smooth all over with his almost perfect chocolate skin.

There was a video floating around in which he was interviewed in one of those ball videos. He mentioned that he was concentrating on being a personal trainer. At the time he had aged (due to obvious hard life) but still had that down to earth persona. GOD, I wish I could find the video. I wonder what he is up to these days. I hope he is well…


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