Hey Luckey!

Love your blog and everything you post. You give me all the tea and the answers to all of my questions. Now this may be a stretch but what happened to that chub black guy who fucked a lot of Trade lol. He used to always nag the whole time while he was bottoming. Who is he and where did he come from? Where is he now?


Dear Teck,

I knew exactly who you were talking about when you mentioned the annoying big dude who fucked all the trade. You are referring to Steven JefQuin , who is the creator of the amateur bareback site (before it became a thing) JefQuinStudios aka StevenJefStudios aka WellHungStudios.com aka BareBackPipeLayer.com. According his bio, he is a 50+ bisexual dude from Birmingham Alabama, who specialize and participate in gay, bisexual and straight porn. He also has an xtube channel as well. I believe he used to be a lot heavier but slimmed down over the years.

I bet you would be happy to know that he is still around and has a twitter page to follow.



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