Ask Luckey: Rio & Dragon from BBA..

Hi Luckey!

I was wondering if you know what happened to Dragon from I always thought he was the cutest thing. Also, I was wondering about Rio. I know he has a video with Ramses on, But it’s just a longer version of the same video he did for a year or two ago. I saw an interview Rio did where he said he did porn to put himself through nursing school. Thank you!


Dear Seventysbaby,

I believe Rio is still around. I know he was working closely with Red’s site for a while and was concentrating on other endeavors. If he has retired I didn’t know. Speaking of Red, I do know he has a close relationship with the producers of Machofucker/Machofactory so a lot of his scenes are recycled from their site.

As for Dragon, I wouldn’t be the one to ask if you want credible information about him. I know y’all can’t stand Michael and his antics but he would be the one to ask. Dragon was probably one of Michael’s more popular models but somehow got lost in the sauce. The turnover rate over at BBA is kinda high. Models don’t really stick around long to establish a name and this happens often in the porn industry in general. Sometimes they just don’t want to do it anymore or shit happens behind the scenes that prevent them from making the scenes happen. Let me know what you find out because I happen to be a fan of Dragon for obvious reasons.


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