Ask Luckey: Jackson Kale aka Paris

From the moments Jackson Kale takes off his shirt in his first Randy Blue solo you can tell you're going to love him. His beautiful smooth brown skin, slim but muscular build, and strong legs, not to mention a nice sized dick between them, give you a full picture of one hot guy. With his neat appearance, buzzcut and glasses he gives off the impression of being an All American college jock, but once he starts working that huge tool of his and sucking on his finger like it was a big hearty cock then you know he's got a dirty side. He's got a sexy bubble butt that he likes to spank and the look of pure pleasure on his face as he's jerking his dick makes you wish you could either give him a hand or jerk right along side of him. I especially love the sounds he makes as he dumps thick gooey puddles of cum all over his six-pack abs.
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Hey Luckey,

Any chance you can scrounge up any info on the BEYOND sexy Jackson Kale(Randy Blue) /Paris(Taggaz)? I miss his videos, he was A1 πŸ™



Dear Gray,

I LOVED me some Paris aka Jackson Kale aka J.Wheelz! He was active in the industry in the mid 00s and was one of the hottest vers tops in the porn industry at that time. As you know his very FIRST scene was of him bottoming. I think his most memorable scene would be with Aquarius. I think I STILL have that dvd somewhere collecting dust. I know I am going to get some heat for saying this but I always thought Paris could have been a star if he was fully versatile.

As you know he isn’t around anymore. I wonder what ever happen to him….



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