Dear Luckey: I Like To Watch & Bate…

Hi Luckey,

I hope all is well. I live in ATL and I am celibate right now for personal reasons. However, I have always entertained the thought of watching & masturbating to some good sex. Where would one comfortably be able to do this in Atlanta?


Dear Blue,

Thanks for the submission.

It’s funny that you mentioned that you are celibate because I have been abstaining from sex for almost a year and some months now myself. If you are celibate you are refraining from any form of sex including masturbation and is usually for religious reasons. Practicing abstinence is refraining from certain sexual activities. Just to be sure are you breaking your celibacy or did you mean that you practice abstinence from certain sexual activities?

I want to add this disclaimer to this particular post because I don’t want people to get the idea that I am encouraging you to get out here and get into some trouble. I am just giving you advice and tips based on my own experience and the information that I know of.

Now if you want to go the safe route, I would recommend checking out a bathhouse. There is FlexSPA here in ATL and on a busy night you might luck up and witness men engaging in sex either in the private rooms or out in the open areas of that facility. What is great about this option is you are in a safe and controlled environment. I never mention this on the blog but I happen to like going to bathhouses specifically to get naked and watch other guys have sex or just hang out. Sometimes a good conversation in the sauna is just as good. It’s easy to get ass but hard to find a guy who can hold a conversation but that’s another damn story…LOL. My best friend back in Chicago, introduced me to the bathhouse scene (Steamworks) and I have been hooked ever since. I don’t go often but usually, when my partner in crime comes to town, he would take me there and we will hang out. Nothing sexual on my part, I just like being naked and hanging out with like-minded people.

Now if you like to walk on the wild side then you can check out adult stores with video arcades or you can check out these cruise spots or maybe attendĀ  the sex clubs/parties here in the city. Again I am asking you to check these out at your own risk. Another alternative is to link up with likeminded voyeurs/ exhibitionists who get into that kind of activities and maybe you can set something up in the privacy of your own space. Let me know how it goes…


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