Ask Luckey: What REALLY Happen To Taggaz?!

Hi Luckey,

I was wondering if you knew whats going on with taggaz, are they up and running. I think I noticed a scene update.. but I’m asking because I wanted to join so I can watch their archive videos to see the old school models but i keep getting rejected. I guess they don’t want anyone subscribing!


Dear DJ,

I loved me some Taggaz. I hate like hell that they just stop updating the site without a notice or anything. You would think they would at least give us an explanation or something as to why they haven’t been updating their site(s). I did hear a few rumors about the site. One of the rumor was the site was forced to shut down after the owner and the producer came to blows over the new direction of Taggaz venturing into bareback films. I heard that a former model sued Taggaz successfully and Taggaz/Thugbait have been laying low. Not sure which is true, but I miss me some Taggaz.

I guess we may not ever know…


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