Ask Luckey: Virgo Da Beast & Young Buck

Hey Luckey,

I’m so glad that you are back with the ” Ask luckey ” segment of your Blog. I want to know what happened to Virgo da Beast because he was Hot at one time and just disappeared from the Porn Scene. Also what do you think of Young Buck who mainly works for DawgPound. I think he is so Hot but I would love to see him do something with another studio other than Dawgpound.


Dear Anthony,

Thank you for your love and support.Virgo Da Beast is probably one of the most memorable adult stars of his time.  Although he was versatile in his films, he was known for dicking down the boys. His scenes particularly with DayDay and TaeTheDoug is two of my favorites. I did an interview with him on my other now defunct site The Star Report.  We learn that he was bisexual and have children. He was also very spiritual and grew up in the church. Virgo did disappear from the scene.  There was a stupid rumor out there that claim he had transition to be a trans woman.  God bless him if that rumor is true.

You know I have been watching DP films for years and even though Young Buck has been working with them for years I never watch one scene with him featured in it until a couple of nights ago. Nevermind the fact that he was in that infamous “Holiday Humpin'” scene with Bamm Bamm & Philly Mack aka Yusaf Mack.

I don’t know why Young Buck never work with other studios. Each studio has a few models who are loyal to them and will only work for them. We saw this with Python and I guess Young Buck is the same way. Needless to say he has gain a new fan…


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