Ask Luckey: Tyler Trenton aka Shawty Blaq & Kameo


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Hi Luckey!

Glad you started your blog again. Whatever became of Tyler Trenton aka Shawty Blaq? I remember him from Raw Rods, and I know he did a few vids for Rawstrokes and Black Rayne. I always thought he was the cutest little thing. But, seriously, I heard he was sick at one point. I’m also a fan of Kameo. I remember him when he started off mostly as a bottom for Taggaz and Entertainment West Studios. I know he’s doing his own thing now (and doing it well). But he hasn’t bottomed or even been verse in a minute. Is he strictly a top now?


Dear Seventysbaby,

I don’t know much about Tyler and I did hear that same rumor floating around but can’t confirm or deny if it’s true. You been following this blog for a while and you know how it goes. They come, they CUM and they go. That’s how it is. I hope he is well if he is still around though.

As for Kameo, I haven’t followed his stuff in at least a year and some months so I have the slightest idea what is going on with him. The last I heard from him, he is concentrating on working behind the scenes. Anything else you will have to ask him or his team. I wouldn’t know..


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