I Think It’s Safe To Say We Won’t Be Seeing Addyction For A While…

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This post entry is a response to this post about Addyction. I completely forgot about the following interview that Addyction did with our favorite “freak hoe” Kash Dinero courtesy of AConnectionTV. Now I am not going to spread any rumors but when I watched this interview back then, I knew something wasn’t exactly right about Addyction. Coming from someone who has battled addictions in the past (alcohol), addicts knows addicts when they see one and while I don’t know what choice of drugs Addyction is/was on, I can tell ya for sure that he was definitely not in his right frame of mind. It was said that Kash and Addyction was supposed to film together but Addyction couldn’t “keep it up”. Nevertheless, I REALLY do hope this young man beat what addiction he is battling. I don’t like to see people suffer and hopefully, that interview will be a wake-up call for him. Even if we don’t ever see him in porn again, I do want to see him get better.

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