Ask Luckey: Larenz Taste

Chad from Sean Cody


Hey Luckey,

I am a big fan of your blog and anyways look forward to your post!
I was wondering if you know what happened to Larenz Taste from DawgPoundusa( I love his scenes even though watching him bottom was painful to watch) and Chad from Sean Cody. Really loved him….something about hairy guys lol anywho I look forward to what you find

much love


p.s. are there any underrated retired models worth looking up?


Dear Darnell,

Thank you for your submission.

I think you pretty much answered your own question as to why we don’t see Larenz Taste anymore. Although he is a cutie with the phat booty, he didn’t exactly make the best bottom on film and that could be the reason why DawgpoundUSA has not hired him since. Of course, this is not a fact and I really don’t have an idea why he is not cast in scenes. He did do a top scene with Prince T courtesy of Breed It Raw as well.

Chad of Sean Cody is a hairy muthafucka and I love it! I don’t know about him because I don’t really watch Sean Cody stuff like that. I haven’t heard much about him since his debut in 2014. “Black” models like him come and go around those parts…

As for retired underrated models, that is clearly up for debate so I will let the boys in the comment section have that one!


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