Ask Luckey: Addyction The African King…

Hey Luckey!

Happy Holidays to you! I’m glad “Ask Luckey” is back. What’s the tea on my husband “Addyction To me he is 1 of the best ass eaters. I would love to have a contest to see who eats ass better, Addyction, Knight, or Rock (Rockafellas). I just love that Addyction is my kinda top that loves to suck dick, and he gets it so sloppy wet too. WHOOO, it’s getting a lil hot now. LOL
Thanks for all you do.
Take Care,



Dear ME623,

Ooooh Addyction, my African king. I love the shit out of him. One of my favorite scenes of Addyction is the one with XL. That scene was SO hot, it was rumored that Addyction’s lover at the time broke up with him. Addyction is a rarity in this business and although he has a handful of scenes, I never got tired of him. As you stated he is not your typical boring top who do the same ol usual shit. He sucked dick and lick ass with that hurricane tongue of his. Personally, I would like to see Addyction, Knight and Rock do a scene together. Everybody tossin’ salads and getting fucked. Probably would never happen. Hopefully Breed It Raw will bring him back sometime soon.


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