She Needs To Get FAR Away From That Man…

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Now I like to keep my blog light and fluffy. I don’t like getting into people’s marital affairs but I happen to like Lil Mo. That woman can sing her face off and she is low-key hilarious.

Now y’all know she has not had the best luck with men and marriages. I believe her latest marriage with Karl Dargan, who is a boxer.

Since day 1, I have been giving this man the side-eye. It was just something about him that didn’t sit well with me.

My suspicion was heightened when the blogs started sayin’ he was cheating on Lil Mo with multiple women but it was what he was sending the women that were alarming.

Allegedly Karl has a thing for pussy with a lil dick on the side. Pictures and DM messages were blasted all over the internet supporting these claims.

Karl did admit that he was sexting other women on social media and claimed that before he got married, he was a “THOT”.  He claims that it’s hard for him to turn from his old ways. (Then why get married then…)


I do hope she eventually comes to her senses and leave this man alone. Men like him will never change. I DO believe that he is sleeping around on Lil Mo and he might have even dealt with men as well. Whether he slangin that dick for a man or woman, this is the reason why HIV is so high among black women and I don’t want Lil Mo to be another statistic. She owes it to her kids to make the right decision and keep it pushin’. I don’t think she is going to leave him though.

Lil Mo is a Cancer and one thing I know about Cancer people is that they will stay in a bad relationship, particularly a marriage no matter what. The man could be a wife beatin’ ragin’ homosexual but the Cancer wife will put up with it for the sake of the marriage (Ask Toya). The man could be carrying on a whole relationship across the street and the Cancer wife will find a way to deal with it (Ask Wendy).  Cancer women are known for having a gang of kids (Ask Tiny) too. Now to be loved by a Cancer is experiencing the greatest love of all.

Lil Mo don’t deserve what she is getting but she gotta take that leap. I hate people, particularly women stay in terrible marriages and put up with fuckboi shit for the sake of keeping up appearances.  It’s such a bad look…


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