Alleged Gay Lover Suggests Former Baller Ray Allen Wanted Him Dead! Allen Says He Is Mental!

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Former NBA star Ray Allen claimed he was catfished and was stalked by a man who claimed to be his gay lover of three years.

Well, the lover thinks Allen threaten his life and filed a temporary restraining order.

Taken from TMZ

Bryant K. Coleman filed the petition for a temporary restraining order against Allen on Nov. 6 — a petition that was granted by a Florida judge.
In the docs, Coleman claims Allen called him on the phone on Sept. 9 — after their alleged 3-year relationship had ended — and said he wanted to “ensure that I went away and never opened my mouth again.” “He said he wanted me to get what I deserved.”
Coleman says Allen has “repeatedly spied on me by sending his associates to follow me in my community.” One incident allegedly took place in a Publix market on Oct. 10 where Coleman says a man approached him and told him to “watch your back.”
Coleman also claims he received a phone call from someone threatening to strangle him — and he believes the caller was Ray Allen.
In the docs, Coleman says Allen was recently seen in public with 2 armed men and believes the ex-NBA star may be planning a “more direct attack.”

Allen’s camp calls the claims bogus and suggests the alleged gay lover is deranged.

Clearly, somebody is lying…

The following screenshot is supposed to be an excerpt from Ray’s DMs that would support the idea that he might have been catfished although he was obviously committing adultery……allegedly.


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