Ask Luckey: Tiger Tyson & Antonio Torrres #LaMancha


Dear Luckey,

I was wondering what ever happen to Enrique Cruz’s LaMancha favorite bottom Antonio Torres and the top to top all tops Tiger Tyson? I haven’t seen nor heard anything about these two for years. What are they up to? Do you have any idea if they still in porn or even alive?



Thank you for your submission. I can definitely confirm that Tiger Tyson is very much alive and well. As you may know, by now he has retired years ago and even had a stage play created loosely based on his life and time in porn back in 2010. It was called ‘Confessions of a Homo Thug Porn Star’. Since then he has been laying low and enjoying the family life. To til day he is considered one of the greatest TOPS in the porn business.

As for Antonio Torres, not much is said about whatever happened to him. He was featured in several Enrique Cruz films, most infamous scene with Brian Scorpion.

As you might know, many of those models were before social media so they were able to participate in films and keep a low profile. I know he retired many moons ago. Hopefully, someone who knows of him can spill the tea in the comment section!


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