Ask Luckey: Some Taggaz Throwbacks & Papi Songo!


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Dear Luckey,

I don’t know if you would know stuff this far back, but whatever happen to classic Taggaz models “Zahid and Tank?” Also what happened to sexy ass Puerto Rican daddy “Papi Songo?”


Dear Chris,

Whoa Lawd, what did I get myself into! Ya’ll are already making this hard for me!! You took me WAAAAAAY back in the day with Taggaz. As you know that site goes all the way back to 2002! I still wonder what happen with Taggaz. Although there were rumors, there was never a concrete statement as to what happened to the site. As you know many MANY models were cast on that site and most of them have since retired from porn. I don’t know much about Tank or Zahid. BOTH were VERY hot though.

I had the HUGEST crush on Papi Songo. He is probably one of the reasons I have daddy issues to this day! I always wondered what ever happen to him myself. He was much older back in the day so I even wonder if he is still with us. Back in 2006, it was rumored he got locked for armed robbery. In 2007, a fan suggested he would see Papi in the barbershop. According to the fan, Papi like his men young and latin much like his films.

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