Ask Luckey: Max Dean Sudden Disappearance & Max Konnor aka Isaiah Foxx

Hi Luckey!

I have two questions:

First, whatever became of Max Dean? I know he did a few videos for DawgPoundUSA and Black Rayne. I used to follow him on Twitter and he mentioned that he underwent some type of surgery. But he closed his account several months ago.

Second, are Isaiah Foxx and Max Konnor really one and the same? If so, that’s one heck of a transformation!




I had no idea he deleted his social media page. I wonder what procedure he got and if it was the reason why he distances himself from the porn industry. I enjoyed his work thus far but don’t really follow him like that.

YES Max Konnor and Isaiah Foxx is the same person and YES it is one hell of a transformation! THAT is how you make a comeback!





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