Ask Luckey: An Update On Sarge

Hey Luckey!

It’s kinda funny but I solved my own “Where Are They Now?” investigation lol. Last week I saw the former model Sarge from Papithugz. I found out that he lives in Pittsburgh and married with a few kids. He still is fine as all hell, and has a beautiful family. I kind of wish he didn’t retire because I miss seeing that body in action!


Dear Raaah

Sarge was probably one of the best versatile performers in the business.

In addition to being versatile in Gay porn, he also worked with Ts Madison aka Big Dick Bitch and did some straight porn work under another alias which I can’t seem to remember (I believe his last name was Sparxxx).

I really missed his presence in the porn industry as well but all good things must come to an end at some point and eventually they all move on to bigger and better things. I remember when Sarge announced his retirement many moons ago. It certainly broke a lot of gay hearts  considering that he got married and went on to have kids. He revealed on Twitter that he is in fact bisexual and loves both sexes.


Glad to hear he is doing well though.



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