Ask Luckey: Mike Mann, Python and Sam Snow

Hi Luckey,

I’m glad Ask Luckey is back.

I just want to know if you have heard anything about Python or Mike Mann? Are they set to come back to porn?

Do you have any type of information about Sam Snow from Dawgpoundusa? He did two scenes last year, but I haven’t read or heard about him since.



Dear Luv2LuvU,

I am glad that you sent in your submission! “Ask Luckey” wouldn’t be a thing without your submissions so I thank you!

As for your question.

Python was DawgpoundUSA’s resident top until he quit on them. I heard they was taking advantage of him. Last I heard he was going to venture into tranny porn (he is bisexual in real life) but that never came to fruition.

I don’t know much about Sam Snow but it could be he wasn’t hired for more work or he probably didn’t want to do it anymore which is common with most models. It always seems like the best models only do a handful of scenes before they up and disappear on us.

Mike Mann aka Fitzgerald Scott is now going by the name Jack Knife and his latest work is on American Pornstar which is produced by John Johnson (Ace Rockwood).


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