Jhonni Blaze Would Date You And Your Boyfriend Too..

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Jhonni Blaze was recently featured on Hollywood Unlocked, with Melyssa Ford and Jason Lee..

* Jhonni Says her name (Jzapal Jackson) is German. Her mother is black & German and her father is Black. She’s an airforce babby

* Jhonni says she never had a script when she was on LHHNY.

* Jhonni joined LHHNY after her boyfriend died, which caused her to do cocaine and “other” drugs. She said she was always in fight-mode.

* She plays six instruments and sings.

* She became a stripper because her mother (who was a nurse) became poor after her mother had cancer twice, and she didn’t like being poor.

* Jhonni said that she and Drake used to mess around.

* She won’t answer whether Drake’s dick is big or not because she doesn’t want or need any clout off of him.

* She said she NEVER dated Bobby V.

* She’s dated a bisexual man. She’s dated a man with one leg, and she dated a man in a wheelchair.

* She’s currently crushing on a bisexual guy. If his boyfriend is cute, she would be down for both.

* She said she would date Sydney Starr (the Transsexual).

* Jhonni said that she Doesn’t know if Sydney still has her dick or not and said she wouldn’t care if she did.

* She started prostituting at the age of 15 when she met a pimp in Philly.

* She said she was sex-trafficking and using alcohol to cope.

* Says she doesn’t have an issue with Hazel-E, although she calls her “Eric”.

* Jhonni says that Hazel-E got mad at her because she took a pic with Katt Williams. She purposely stole Katt from Hazel to get her mad.

* Jhonni says she loves LHH but the platform is not for her.

* She said LHHHouston featured cast members that carried real guns because that’s legal in Texas.

* Jhonni said that Stevie J and Shauna Brooks fucked around. She said she only exposed him because he threatened her, and she said that production already knew about Stevie and Shauna.

* Jhonni says that she’s on three other shows and those shows pay her more than LHHNY did.

* Jason Lee tries to, once again, mention his short stay on LHHH, in an effort to get back on the show.

* Jhonni says no one can ever blackball her because she’s way too talented. She knows plenty of crazy people that are successful because they’re talented.

* Jhonni says her ex-boyfriend hit her in the mouth with a bottle, which is the reason why she has veneers.

* Jhonni says she wants to get her nose fixed next year because she has asthma, and she fights a lot.

* Jhonni says she went to Dallas, TX to get her ass shots for $500. She says she still doesn’t know what they injected into her butt.

* Deb Atney, Waka Flakas’ mother, is her manager.

* Jhonni says she will never respect Hazel-E after her “brown paper bag” comments.

* Jhonni says her weakness is love.

* Jhonni says she loves giving back because she’s been through so much, including homelessness.

* Jhonni says she fell in love with Rich Dollarz because he was the first guy to hit on her after her husband died at the age 23.

* Jhonni says “making it” means being accepted by others.

* Jason Lee says he slide into Sheree’s son, Kairo, DMs and asked him to do a photo shoot for him.

* Jhonni and Cardi B used to strip together.

* Jhonni implies that she doesn’t like Kash Doll.

* Jason Lee said that Matt Barnes admitted that Rihanna has some good pussy on his show.

* Jhonni was trying to date K. Michelle. K. Michelle blocked her after she didn’t come out there to be with K and her then boyfriend.

* She closes her interview out by singing Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

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