Expect To See More Men In Hollywood Expose Their Abusers…#MeToo

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I told y’all that Jupiter In Scorpio in full effect for the next year.

Hollywood secrets are slowly coming to the surface. Women and men have been coming forward left and right, exposing people in Hollywood with everything from sexual assault to molestation claims.

Actor Terry Crews was one of the first men to expose an executive in Hollywood, who allegedly sexually assaulted him (in front of his wife mind you).

Well fellow actor Darius McCrary (Family Matters) has come forward, admitting that he too was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive when he was much younger…

“I was inappropriately touched by a Hollywood executive and I’m not gone tell on nobody…This happened when I was a young man….I’m not going say [when it happened] but that’s what it is.”

“I’m not thirsty so I don’t have to tell my business.”

As I said before, this is only the beginning.

Money is drying up in Hollywood and people are now talking…

The dark side of Scorpio is sexual abuse and exploitation. It’s repressed and unusual sexual energy that manifests as the immense amount of sexual scandals that are being exposed while Jupiter is in Scorpio October 10 to November 8, 2018.

Scorpio is not only the sign of sex, it’s also the sign money, power, emotional depth, secrecy, and revenge. Scorpio symbolizes finance, wealth and career as well


As soon as Jupiter entered Scorpio sex scandals in Hollywood came to light out of the woodwork at rapid speed.

When Jupiter enters a sign it illuminates the signs qualities and characteristics. Jupiter illuminated and exposed the dark side of Scorpio giving victims of Sexual harassment and abuse, especially on the job, the courage to come forward and speak out at once!



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