Fanpage Of “Paris Is Burning” Documentary On Instagram

When I am not busy updating this blog and my Tumblr, I am on my Instagram posting pics and videos clips about the legendary documentary “Paris Is Burning”.


The page will features clips and memorable quotes from the movie as well as little known trivia facts about the cast of the documentary.

I bet you didn’t know that Kim Pendavis, who died in 1992 of a heart attack, was actually a trans FTM…

or that Pepper Labeija is featured in the documentary “The Queen“, which features the legendary original mother of the House of Labeija, Crystal Labeija.

Crystal died in the 80s due to cancer and Pepper Labeija took over as house mother.

Paris Is Burning was named after Paris Dupree’s Ball at the time.


And I am sure you heard about the mummy that was found in Dorian Corey’s closet shortly after she passed in the early 90s due to AIDS.

Do you remember the two underage kids in the film? Well it is rumored that they are both are alive and well.  One was adopted by a family and went on to college. The other was adopted into the House Of Ninja (Willi Ninja).


Sol Pendavis was actually active in the Marines on the DL and didn’t think the film was going to be a big deal at the time. He is still with us and is alive and well. He went on to be a doctor.


He along with, Freddie Pendavis, Carmen and Bianca Xtravaganza, and Junior Labeija are all alive and well.

These are just a few little known facts about the cast.

I believe that every same gender loving and gender non conforming black and latino individuals should check out the film.

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