Legendary Exotic Dancer MegaBody Blasts Vivica Fox #betterlatethannever


This incident took place back in Jan 17 just so you know but I thought it was juicy enough to share even though it’s old news..

I spoke about Megabody on my site many moons ago. As you may know he is an exotic dancer on the east coast and have done some adult work for DawgpoundUSA.

Anyway I am sure you probably watched Vivica Fox’s “Black Magic” which featured male exotic dancers Alvester Martin, Andrew “Penetration” Williams, Christian “Slo-Motion” Dennis, Greg “White Chocolate” Jackson, Jonathan “Heat” Martinez, Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire, Mike “Profit the Problem” Strong and, Steven “Charm” Beck.


To be honest I haven’t watch the show.

I really wanted to watch the show but never could find the time check it out but just in case you need some KETCHUP, allow me to do so..

As you should know the show’s executive producer, Jean-Claude LaMarre  wrote and directed the 2015 film “Chocolate City,” which was the black version of “Magic Mike.” Fox was one of the stars of the film, as well as of its 2016 sequel, “Chocolate City: Vegas.”

They came up with the idea of putting together an all male revue which would tour across the country. Lifetime reality show producers got involved and the rest is history.

Vivica Fox caught some Ls when, in a promotional interview, seemed to indicate that it was not intended for gay men.

LaMarre was not here for it and distanced himself from her, declaring that “all are welcome.” The incident caused a bitter split between them, and the two then launched rival touring shows based on the TV series.

LaMarre went even further and sued Fox for slander, libel and contract interference. Fox was angry at him and retaliated against him by launching her own traveling dance show, “Xplicit Minds.” She also recruited four dancers from the TV show, getting them to defect from LaMarre’s “Black Magic Live.”  Of course some of the dancer got caught in the middle and had to choose sides or else lose their spot for the second season.

Lifetime has no plans to bring the TV show back for a second season.

Well Megabody wasn’t too happy with Vivica Fox either.

Now everybody ain’t going to make the team.

That is just life but to be BRUTALLY honest, it would have been nice for them to add Megabody to the mix. He is OPENLY bisexual and he has a story to tell (literally…the book is juicy)! He has danced for both men and women for decades and people do love him.

It’s a known fact that there are plenty of men, who have danced for both men and women including some of those men in that cast.

As a matter of fact, Jonathan “Heat” Martinez used to dance at one of the most iconic latin gay bar in NYC…

To this day, Heat refuse to talk about his days in the gay clubs and is rumored to be extremely homophobic.

In my opinion some of the best male dancers are either bisexul or “equal opportunists”.

It could be that they didn’t want to hire Megabody because he was openly bisexual and they didn’t that to be apart of the show but it could also be that he just wasn’t what they were looking for.

Maybe he could start something up.

I would support it.

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