Kerry Rhodes Is Getting A Divorce From His Wife Of Six Months…

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Many moons ago Kerry Rhodes was just another random baller in the NFL.


That was until 2013 ,he made headlines after rumors claimed he was allegedly dating his personal assistant Russell “Hollywood” Simpson after private pics leaked of them all hugged up was released.  There were pics of his other former assistant Alton Craig as well.

Those rumors were silenced after the free agent started dating Australian actress Nicky Whelan, who he would eventually marry on April 15, 2017.

Well according to the soon to be ex wife, she left him some time ago  and  they are divorcing after only six months of marriage.

“I can confirm that I have left him,” she told News Corp Australia. “But other than that I am not willing to comment any further, because anything else I say is going to make things tricky.

“I just want to focus on my work and on business, which is going really well.”

Just two months ago , she was “gushing” about her new husband

Now I am not the type to celebrate one’s divorce (unless the bastard was just no good…) and whether Kerry Rhodes is gay, bisexual or not, I wouldn’t wish this kinda of shit on him. Everybody deserve to be happy with the one they love.

But I gotta be honest, EVERYBODY knew this marriage was not going to last and he ain’t really into her.

She needed some come up and he needed a “beard” to silences those rumors. I am sure you know by now most “Hollyweird” relationships are fake and built on superficial shit. In Hollyweird, they are more concerned about “the image”. He seemed more happy with that “Hollywood” kid.

Either she knew the business and played along for a while or she probably found out he wasn’t really who she thought he was. Maybe there were other reasons that had nothing to do with his sexuality. Kerry isn’t playing for the NFL anymore and has moved on to acting and producing.

Kinda sucks NFL isn’t ready for an openly same gender loving player (ask Michael Sams).

He is still a good looking dude who can turn heads. Maybe he should link up with Ray Edwards Jr and model some undies

Put them cakes to work..










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