Rose Burgandy Exposed

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I dont really watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood anymore.

I never cared for Hazel E either so I’m not surprised to find out that she decided to attack black women and the gay community.

Hazel E, who is 38 is currently “dating” an aspiring rapper Rose Burgandy who claims he is 18.

The couple decided to go on a rant against the gays and darker skin black women after comedian Jess Hilarious suggested that Rose Burgandy may be gay himself…

Hazel E and Rose response…


Of course, the gays are reading the EYES out of the reality star couple. One person, in particular, had a few choice words for Rose Burgandy and exposes him via Instagram..






his receipts..


Just when the fuckery couldn’t get any worse, Hazel E’s “BFF” and canceled castmate Miles Brock came to her defense claiming she isn’t homophobic because her brother is gay..

It’s bad enough that we give these people like Hazel E a platform. What’s worse is the fuckboys they bring along with them and the dumb gays that defend these people. They both said what they said and I do believe she meant exactly what she said even if her brother is gay. I am gay but that doesn’t mean members of my family can’t be homophobic. It’s because of the gays that Hazel E is even relevant. She probably just ended what little career she had.

Don’t even get me started on women like Hazel E and Blac Chyna who sleep with these fuck boys (although these relationships aren’t real anyway) and brag about it like it some of prize.  What’s funny is he might be taking bigger dicks than you..


Just sad all around.

Hazel E…Rose Burgandy…Sir Brock….

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