What Ever Happen To…King Dingo??

King Dingo came onto the porn scene with his  brother Phat Daddy aka Cezar Dior, who is two years older than him.

The story is the brothers were trying to get into straight porn which was suggested by their mother at the time. They ended up working for Pitbull Productions and the rest was history.

Phat Daddy went on to be a star in his own right while his brother slowly faded in the background.  The last we heard of Phat Daddy, he owned a barbershop on east coast and longer does porn.

So what’s been up with King Dingo??

Well for one King Dingo out here looking like a midnight snack.

He grew his hair out and according to this escort ad, he is based out of ATL at the moment..

I wonder if he would ever come back to porn or perhaps start a Onlyfans account??

If you have info on the whereabouts of a former adult star or if you have any request send all inquiries to luckeyfstarr@yahoo.com

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