Boonk Explains The Method To His Madness!!


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As Written by VladTv…

In this final clip, Boonk speaks to DJ Vlad about using his comedy schtick as a means to promote his rap career. He reveals that when he first made his Instagram account, he pushed his music heavily with no real support. However, one he realized being funny helped you to go viral he decided to delete his posts and start afresh. He has no plans to keep up the act forever. “I don’t want to be no f**kin’ comedian at all. It’s just – I just [saw] that’s what’s poppin’. I seen people like comedians that’s what made me want to do it. I see people support comedians. Everbody doesn’t support rap,” says Boonk.

Boonk then discusses how some of his pranks have gotten him banned from certain establishments. At the tail-end of the conversation, he discloses who he thinks is the crazier between himself, Lil Pump and Fatboy when it comes to the things they post on social media. Listen to the interview above.

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