Social Media IT Couple :Johnnell Terrell & Tyrone Wells

I have to be honest.

I don’t really keep up with names anymore. You get used to seeing a cute face and a nice body.

I have seen Johnnell and Tyrone around on my Instagram feed. I probably gave them a shout out on my Instagram. I knew nothing about them.

My nosey ass got busy and got some tea on the hot couple.

Johnnell “Lyric” is a fitness guru and poet. Tyrone is a bartender, socialite,& fitness model.

I believe both of them are in the dirty 30 club and married.

Somebody told me they had an onlyfans account and that I should check it out. My po’ ass got my money caught up in investments and  debit but I might need to put aside 10 bucks and check them out.  I was told it would be a whole lot of sucking and fucking. Johnnell mostly bottoms because Tyrone ain’t ready for his close up yet.


I will check out the content and get back to you on my review. In the meantime, Johnnell shares some dating tips..

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