I’ve Been Suckin’ “Dack” For 20 Years…

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During a concert somewhere in Mississippi, Singer Tank made a statement to the crowd that left the girls (and some boys) gaggin’!


The crowd sounded so confused….

Tank: I’m 41 years old!

Crowd: WOOOOOOH!!!

Tank: I’ve eaten a lotta pussy!


Tank: You could say I’m an expert!


Tank: I’ve been sucking dick for 20 years!


Now before you run over to Tank’s DMs with your hoe shit, I think I better clear up what he actually said and meant.

He said he has been “sucking dents in foreheads“. He’s talking about cunnilingus. It literally means he is sucking on the kitty meat until her head cave in. It’s an ol skool slang from back in the day.

Tank has always been open about his sexual kicks and he has always showed love for the LGBT community. As a matter of fact, he went on a Pride tour this summer which I hear was met with rave reviews.

Tank is what I describe as someone who is very comfortable with his own sexuality. As much as we could dream, I don’t think Tank is GAY or anything like that. Tank is a Capricorn. They will go where the money is at no matter what. He doesn’t give af about your sexuality and he clearly ain’t bothered. That is HOT within itself…



And if I were you, I wouldn’t test the waters either because he will put your horny ass on blast.




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