Church Is The Gayest Place On Earth…

In this clip, D.L. Hughley goes in on the existence of God and his personal reasons for believing in a higher power. He thinks the idea of forgiveness that is associated with the Black community has been warped primarily because of slavery and the connection between the generational conceptions of God and this “warped” forgiveness is apparent. To D.L., the concept of God could be intrinsic, but considering the history of America and how religion was used as a tool of oppression, it could be indoctrination as well. Hughley points out that you’ll be hard pressed finding a Black atheist which could also be a byproduct of indoctrination. According to D.L. Hughley, the Black church is “the gayest place on the face of the earth. This is ironic considering the way most Christians condemn homosexuality, but Hughley believes the church contradicts itself because when “you got to Black churches, it’s women, children, and gay dudes.”

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