Mr. “Its_Duba” Washington Out Here Scamming Again…


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If you are not familiar with Gregory Washington aka Its_Duba on IG, I allow me to introduce you..

He lives in Chicago, works as a car salesman and leasing consultant.

Back in July he was exposed for scamming the girls out their money promising dick pics that were never delivered.

Like most scammers, they get a few thousand followers on Instagram, and they lose their damn minds. He was allegedly selling his dik pics for $500 and apparently there’s at least 1 victim. She sent him the cash, but she hasn’t received what she paid for…

Now there is word that he is at it again. This time he is using the tragedy in Puerto Rico as bait..

why is this dude raising money in the name of Puerto Rico but using his already established Cash Me App? I’m positive that’s against the rules of fundraising lol. Why not encourage people to donate to a third party? Why isn’t he in Puerto Rico?? Which one of y’all heauxs will contribute to Greg’s roids and other supplements relief fund?


OH and he turned his comments off….

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