Diesel Washington Relaunches Blog…

If you follow Diesel Washington on Twitter, you would know that he is one of the most outspoken adult entertainers of our time. Love him or hate him, you gotta appreciate Diesel Washington’s brutal honesty and boldness.

His new blog promises “epic reads” of fellow models and colleagues in the business as well his lust for talking about Bowel movements among other things.

Considering that it’s Diesel Washington this should be interesting…

In his first entry since the reboot, he drags the skin off of fellow porn star Billy Santoro…

This is simple post dragging Billy Santoro, that is the only time I will use his correct name.  His name for NOW ON is Billy Sanitation because Sanitation means the trash will be taken out.  And since I’m a garbage man today, is time to take out the Billy Sanitation and put it to the curb for Pickup.

Where to start with this whole Billy Sanitation thing…

Start at the beginning I guess, when I first saw Billy Sanitation I thought he was garbage but I thought his Husband was Super Hot.  So I never really paid attention to Billy, it was Seth who I had my eye on.  Before their entrance into Porn, I would watch all the workout Videos that were starring Seth and have to put up with seeing Billy who was nothing but a high pitched voice Bitch.

Since I had a crush on Seth it bothered Me that such a hot guy would Marry a trash box like Billy. There was nothing there, he is not attractive, got a little dick and he just looks nasty.  So being an asshole I questioned their marriage, Esp when you got Billy on Twitter bragging about getting guys off craigslist to fuck his Husband raw and seed his hole.


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