You Can Change Your Name But You Can’t Change Your Past…

Over the years, you guys have been asking me about what I thought about Ace Rockwood changing his name to John Johnson and crossing over to “straight” porn. 
Initially I didn’t think it was a big deal considering that models change their names all the time. In most cases, they change their name for contractual reasons. In Ace Rockwood’s case, I think he wanted to brand himself as John Johnson to cater to the straight audience and break down confusion. Of course Ace changing his name doesn’t really change anything considering that he has been in countless gay porn films for a good bulk of his time in porn. 
I know he received a lot of flack for it. Around that time we would see another porn star Castro Supreme cross over into straight/tranny porn without much criticism.
 I think the reason why Ace Rockwood got so much negative attention is because of how he seems to be dismissive whenever his fans mention his gay flicks. He seems to act like his gay past never exist. He has gone as far as block people on his social media if they even mention his gay videos.

He isn’t the only kat. Many moons ago on Xtube DikSukka aka Aralyia was known for his blowjob videos which featured Kdizzy446 aka DickDrainer aka BRichXXX aka Branden Richards.
  These days he is known for letting the white girls lick on his bootyhole and suck his dick. Back then it was DikSukka who gave this man his spotlight.
He is known for blocking people, who dare to bring up his gay past. To date, his camp has manage to delete a lot of his old videos with DikSukka but I am sure many of us still have that clip in our porn collection.  
What im talking about homophobia lgbt community its them giving you money respect them @BRichXXX

— uris (@uris74) July 29, 2017

Ace Rockwood was certainly not the first person to cross over into straight porn. Bam aka Mr. Bam is considered to be one of the most well known male talents in straight porn but before he made his name as Mr. Bam, he starred in a series of gay flicks
The truth is those straight women over on the other side don’t really like the ideal of knowing that their scene partner used to perform in gay flicks. In some cases, potential models are pressured by producers to keep that gay shit to themselves if they want to be hired for work.  Back in the day, we didn’t have social media, Myvidster and Pornhub so one could cross over without many people noticing.
Many of you would be surprised how many bisexual men work in the straight porn industry but they prefer   to keep their gay life to themselves.  Kudos to performers like Robert Axel who has starred in gay, bisexual, transexual and straight films. 
Porn doesn’t go away. Gay or straight, once it’s out there, it’s out there forever. Today Ace Rockwood prefer to be known as John Johnson but he will always be Ace Rockwood to most of his core fans.
One thing about business. You don’t ever want to neglect and forget where you come from.
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