The “Jace Jones Is Dead” Rumor!


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So many moons ago on this blog, I mentioned the “death” of rising star Jace Jones.
At the time I was a fan of Jace Jones for obvious reasons. Besides his scene with Scott Alexander, I thought Diesel scene with Jace Jones was his best work to date.
 Back in the late early 00s, he worked with Diesel Washington in his first and only film before it was rumored that he was killed in an automobile accident. At the time Diesel Washington mentioned it on his now defunct blog but never said anything about it since.
A year ago, Jace Jones hits me up via email and explained to me that he took a break from the porn business to concentrate on personal issues in his life. He wasn’t even aware that people even knew who he was or that he died. He wanted the fans to know that he is very much alive and is concentrating on school right now. He did mention that he may come back to porn but his body has to be on point.

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