Kash Dinero aka Trapboyy 2.0…

Love him or hate him, Kash Dinero is that ninja right now….at least over at Breed It Raw. 
He has become such a hot topic, people are calling him Trapboyy 2.0! 
His rant video in which he referred to himself as a “freak hoe” didn’t help much matters either..

Real talk, I can see why people are comparing him to Trapboyy. They both are light skinned with tattoos. Both known for being very open with their sexuality and don’t mind voicing their opinions. Both known for taking big black dicks effortlessly. Both were in a scene that was shot in an cabin (probably the same one..). Both have that cocky swag we love to hate.

Trapboyy was that bottom back in the day so in a way I would dub that as a compliment if I was Kash.

Obviously Kash is getting a lot of work because you people are talking about him and watching his movies. Personally I like me some Kash Dinero. Anybody that don’t mind being called a “freak hoe” is alright with me.There are new models that hit the scene every three to six months.  Right now it’s Kash time. Hopefully he will be around for a while.


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