Noah’s Arc Is Coming Back To TV!


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Aside from Rupual’s Drag Race, Noah’s Arc was the other reason to tuned into LogoTV.  Noah’s Arc was often considered “our Waiting To Exhale meets Girlfriends”.
Noah’s Arc, which was created by Patrik Ian Polk, ran for two season 2005-2006. The show was based off the creator’s movie Polk. Noah’s Arc would eventually makes it’s way to the movie theaters in 2008(Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom).
The show starred  Darryl Stephens (as the main character Noah),Rodney Chester,Christian Vincent,Doug Spearman,Jensen Atwood,Gregory Keith,Jonathan Julian, and Wilson Cruz.
Noah’s Arc was Logo’s highest-rated original series in spite of being canceled after only two seasons.
Good news for Noah’s Arc fans as LogoTV recently announced that they will be bring back both seasons on the show in the summer of 2017 (Aug 1) and will be airing episodes everyday!
FUN FACT: Nate Adams who played one of Ricky’s jumpoffs in the show is now moonlighting as an adult webcam model. Check out a sample of his work below..

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