What Ever Happened To….CJ Wright?

CJ Wright was active in the adult industry in the mid 00s! Dubbed the “king of BBW”, he specializes in directing movies with “Big Beautiful Woman” and was the CEO of his own porn site the company CJ Wright Productions. Although CJ Wright is straight, he is known to show love to his gay fans.
CJ Wright has since disappeared from the industry. An insider for the blog gives us a brief update on CJ Wright..

Chris aka CJ Wright moved to Oakland a few years back, to be with his wife and raise their 2 kids up there, surrounded by her family. Around that same time, he started dedicating more time to his solo website, and steering away from male/female scenes, since there isn’t as much female talent in the Bay as there is in the Valley. I don’t know if he’s updating his sites anymore, since it appears they were sold and now point to different stuff. Likely the internet has seen the last of CJ as a performer. Who knows?

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