People Just Won’t Let Phoenix Fellington Be Great…

  We were introduced to Pheonix Fellington (or Phoenix) when he did an interview with AConnectionTV. 

Back then he was relatively unknown. 
These days he has starred in over at least ten bareback scenes ranging from studios like Breed It Raw to most recent Naked Sword. His latest scene with Tyler Reed courtesy of Breed Me Raw is getting a lot of flack.
Phoenix Fellington is versatile and doesn’t mind dipping in the swirl for coins but his fans are quite upset with him because he gave up his ass to a white dude…..who is allegedly HIV+. 

Personally I haven’t watch all of his scenes but I am not sure why the kids are getting on his case so much.  I can’t find any information on Tyler Reed admitting that he is openly HIV+. As I said many times on my blogs, it’s pretty much an open secret that many of your favorite porn stars are in fact HIV+. With the whole “undetectable/ HIV- on PRep” movement, it’s a blur as to who is what…
Is Phoenix Fellington being hated on because his obvious preference for white men the REAL reason why so many people are upset? I mean every other black porn performer would kill to have the lane Phoenix Fellington is currently in. He is getting work in both the urban and mainstream porn industry, not to mention he stays BOOKED. He is probably the hottest versatile performer we have seen in quite a while. 

Of course you can’t be a porn star without the criticism of fans.

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