DJ Dumb Steez’ Urban Legend Dick..

Many of you might not remember the name DJ Dumb Steez but I am sure you remember his alleged huge ten inch dick…

These days he is a college DJ for the University of Texas at Austin. He claims the white girls are afraid of his dick and he doesn’t get laid much. Allegedly he recently did a solo test shoot for 

— ctrl (@TheBlaccHokage) June 27, 2016

Initially I didn’t think this dude’s dick was real. There are sex toys online in which you can attach a realistic dildo to your own penis. With the right amount of “bush” and good lighting you can convince some people that is real.. Similar to the one Mark Walberg wore in the movie “Boogie Nights”.

I am sure others are still not convinced that his “dick” is real.

Until I see a clear video with his kids spilling out of that anaconda I will stick to my original thought.

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