Michael Hoffman Regrets Being Your Sex Slave…


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Although I am #proMelanin, I don’t discriminate. I have my fair share of sexy white dudes that I wouldn’t mind rollin’ in the hay with. Michael Hoffman was definitely one of them. 
Almost four years ago, this clean cut aspiring bodybuilder broke the internet with his XXX flicks which were eventually stolen and sold on various websites. He begged his fans to purchase his videos on his own now defunct XXX site.
Four years later, we see a tatted Michael Hoffman regretting his decision to distribute content, claiming he get a girlfriend or a job because of his past. 

I can’t say surprise that he is now regretting his decision to make homemade porno films. I hear stories like this from former models all the time and it’s always the same sob stories. It’s hard for me to feel empathy towards them because they should know by now that their porn past will follow them even when they “retire”. Once those nudie pics and sex videos hit the net, it is out there forever. I am sure his romantic life must suck as well. I am sure those visible tats has a lot to do with him not being able to land a job. Well there is always the gay porn industry…

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