And The Faggotry Continues..Blac Chyna’s Side Dude Ferrari Exposed…


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I swear that damn Kartrashians family is the gift that keeps on giving.I was over them when Tyga got with Kylie (who was underage at the time) and Blac Chyna zoomed in on Rob Kardashian. I am not going to spend too much time catching y’all up to speed on the whole Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna situation. I am sure with a Google search you can catch up on all the tea. What you need to know is about a week ago, a butthurt Rob attempted to expose Blac Chyna for what we already knew her to be, exposing her side dudes, which included her alleged bisexual side dude “Ferarri”. Soon after the news broke Youtube makeup magician Stahr Milan outed Ferarri as a bisexual opportunist in which the rapper hilariously denied.. Fast forward to present time. A screen capture of Ferrari jackin’ off LIVE for his fans has surfaced..

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