Katy Perry EXPOSED For Allegedly Begging Drag Queens To Do Music Video For Free

I love Katy Perry’s new album “Witness”. “Swish Swish” is my shit. Such a shame the album is considered a flop for her compared to her previous releases (think Beyonce’s “4” album).  Times must be hard because her team was recently put on blast by drag performer Vicky Vox,  for trying to hire drag queens for a two day video shoot without pay.


Apparently this is not the first time Katy Perry’s team have been accused of trying to hustle the girls. I get it….the label may not  want to foot the bill but I do understand the hustle. People have to understand that drag is an art and for many of the girls, it’s a job for them. Unless they are a Rupual Drag Race royalty, most of these girls can not afford to waste makeup and duct tape for gig they are not getting paid for. Hell Rupaul is legendary but he is not going to show up as “Rupaul Supermodel of the world” UNLESS there is a check attached to it and I don’t blame him. Drag queens gotta eat too.

The whole situation is unfortunate.

Pay up Katy…

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