Romeo St James’ FAKE Phat Ass…

Romeo St James & his bae Gio recently starred in a scene courtesy of EWS and is all over my Tumblr timeline. I can appreciate a good ol power couple in porn. You can bet that they will most likely bring what is often lacking in the adult industry and that is CHEMISTRY. ‘

But everyone is too busy talking about his ass tho….

Allegedly  it was revealed by his ex and fellow adult performer Prince Taj that Romeo got ass enhancements during a live cam session back in 2012. Whether or not that’s true, I think the enhancement looks nice on him. I don’t see anything wrong with someone getting a little work done if they have the money and the desire to do so. There have been several models who have been rumored to get the enhancements (Big Beef, Hot Rod, Kendall etc). If I can recall popular socialite Andrew Braxton shared his own journey getting butt enhancements in the D.R. (click here to follow his journey).

Whatever one does to their booty is their business. Just be careful and DON’T go the black market route.

Lets face it cosmetic surgery in the US is expensive as fuck and I figured it would be more cost effective to venture outside the US….so I did lol…Traveled alone to Santiago Dominican Republic. Since there are really no men talking amount their experience on YouTube…I thought Id fill that space -Andrew Braxton

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