Shazeer’s Latest Scene On Black Boy Addictionz…

During my downtime people would send me videos/links of scenes as they were being released. I am not a huge fan of twinks but I do have my exceptions and Shazeer of BBA is one of them.As you know like most BBA models he was marketed as a DL bisexual “top” but recently gave up his boo-ginity in a scene with Stylez (who gave up his cakes during that infamous xmas orgy). 
The scene itself was cool but the ending of it was quite sad in my opinion. Maybe I was looking too deep into it but Shazeer had this look on his face that spelled O-V-E-R-I-T..he looked extremely bothered and uncomfortable. It killed the mood for me. I understand some models participate in these scenes for money (their words not mines..) but at least act like you enjoyed it. 
People in general don’t care about your personal problems, if you willing to get fucked on film for money, they expect you to at least act like you enjoyed it…. especially if you are getting paid thousands of dollars to shoot a scene. 
I might be looking too deep into it tho..

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