#Kmichelle Ex MempHitz Wright Get Naked!


MempHitz Wright has been shading the fuck out of his ex K.Michelle. In the midst of that he blessed his fans with the goods.. Read more…

The Sociopath…


Some signs you may be a fan of a sociopath.. Read more…

What About Your “Friends”


In life when you lose friends and relationships, you often feel really bad about it. I know this year has been very tough for me. Hell two days ago, I just wanted to end it all and give in to the bull.

Being that I was raised in spirituality, I was reminded that even when I have nobody, I can still go to God for he is the only reason I am still here. He is the reason I survived this long.

Every night before I go to sleep, I pray to God to reveal my enemies and cast them out. Instead I felt like I was losing friends for petty reasons. I mourned each and every relationship. Some people fell out with me. Some just stop coming around.
I don’t have a lot of family that I am close with so my friends become my family in a sense. My issue is I got too close to people too fast. I trusted that they had my best interest at heart and saw me as I see them. Even when I see the signs, although I may question them, I continue to deal with these people.

In the midst of my healing, I have learn that when people leave you in life, you have to embrace it and move on. You can’t dwell on it or allow yourself to feel like you did something wrong.

The reality is a lot of people will use you in this industry. You can’t trust anyone. You have to seperate your personal life from the business. That means keep the models, the producers and everyone else involved at bay.

It took several stab wounds in my back in order for me to realize that.

But you have to embrace it. Everything happens for a reason and people come in your life for a reason. Some for a season and very few will stick around through thick and thin.

You can let it destroy your spirit or you can allow it to make you wiser and stronger.

It’s not easy letting people go or watching people walk out of your life but you have to embrace it….

Actor Omari Hardwick’s Sex Scene!

Omari gives us some great looks at his ass while he pounds his girl. He adds some shirtless action as he drills his dame.


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#Watch: #BrokeStraightBoys –The Reality Television Series


Broke Straight Boys premiere reality show airs tonight on Here TV network! Check out the deets after the jump! Read more…

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